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Alpha Jet 40+44 in front of our association's building

Our Association

On February 25, 1993 Fighter Bomber Wing 43 ( FBW 43 ) Commemorative Association was founded.

It followed the association of " Members and Friends of Fighter Bomber Wing 43 Oldenburg ", which was already founded in 1983.

Founder and first chairman was Colonel Heinz Kuring, former Commanding Officer ( Kommodore ) of the Wing.

The statute of the association requires members to promote companionship ( Kameradschaft ) by organizing events and entertainment to preserve good relationship to German Armed Forces ( Bundeswehr )and keeping the realationship with the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) and other groups of the public intact. Membership is open to former members, friends and sponsors of all military units having ever been stationed at Oldenburg Air Base.

Today we count 319 members

Members of the former WW II Fighter Wing 400 ( Jagdgeschwader 400 Me 163 "Komet" ) may take part in all activities of the association.

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News / Events

Events 2016 - 2017

There are several events in preparation for 2017.
Highlight in 2016 was our TG on Tour to Geilenkirchen, Aachen and Maastricht/NL
»Next event:
Beercall on Monday, January 30, 2017 at 17:30 hrs.
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Application form

If you want to become a member of our association, please ring us up or send an e-mail.

The application form can be found

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