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The very only German-German flying formation. Baltic sea april 1990

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The town of Oldenburg has bought the rest of the Fliegerhorst!

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New patches available!
We have made new patches from the wing, from both squadrons and the special patch of the autobahnlanding exercise \"Highway 84\".
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In page Video 29 you can see an older video of FBW 49 Fürstenfeldbruck with the Alpha Jet.

Chairman Guido Gotthardt passed away

It was with great sadness that we learned of the unexpected passing of our chairman, Guido Gotthardt, Lt.Col. (ret.). Aged 77, he passed away following heart surgery. For more than six years he worked for the good of our association with great commitment, dedication and never-ending imagination. He will remain unforgotten.

New board elected

The new board of the FBW 43 Commemoratove Association in front of our F-86 Sabre. From left to right Alfred Claußen financial administration, Fred Vosteen media administration/chronicler, Helmut Friz protocolist/webmaster, Rudolf Sender dep. chairman , Guido Gotthardt Chairman , Gerd Tresbach dep. chairman
( NWZ-Artikel vom 7. April 2016 )

Salvatorabend 2016

Almost 280 visitors were there to be welcomed for this year's Salvatorabend ( Bavarian Night ) at the Weser-Ems-Halle. As always, it was an evening rich with excellent conversation and new contacts.
In our image gallery 4 you can see pictures of the event.

Road bowling across the air base

In relatively windy but predominantly dry weather 34 kale fans set out for a tour of road bowling across the air base. The following kale dinner found the group enjoying the Oldenburg “national” dish in a cozy atmosphere.
In our image gallery 1 you can see pictures of the event.

Search for ordonance

Envisioning the sale of the air base area for housing construction, the ground where remains of ordinance are suspected is being deeply dug up and sifted through at the moment. Future building sites must be free of explosives.

Innovation camp 2015

In connection with grass-root participation in the future development of the air base area a so-called innovation camp was held where citizens were expected to contribute their ideas and proposals for future planning. Read more at the very bottom of the News from Fliegerhorst page.
Lesen Sie hierzu einen Artikel aus der NWZ vom 23.11.2015 http://www.nwzonline.de/oldenburg/politik/wo-die-truppenkueche-zur-kita-wird_a_6,0,600671842.html

Wreath-laying ceremony at the Aeronauts' Memorial

More than 30 members of our Traditionsgemeinschaft defied heavy rain on Memorial Day (Volkstrauertag) when they witnessed a wreath-laying ceremony at the Aeronauts' Memorial in Kleiner Bürgerbusch. There were also representatives of the Bürgerfelde Citizens\´ Association present.
The commemorative address was given by our president, Guido Gotthardt.

Tear down of the former NCO Mess

With an expansion of accommodation facilities for refugees in mind, a further number of buildings has been selected for demolition. The former non-commissioned officer mess building was the first to be hit.
Further informations on our page News fo rmFliegerhorst and on page image gallery 9 .

Restoration of pedestal-mounted aircraft

It took almost nine months to finish the restoration of our pedestal-mounted aircraft. Under the leadership of Pitt Berthmann, an extremely dedicated team of members of the Traditionsgemeinschaft plus supporters have spent many hours refurbishing the Fiat and the F-86 aircraft, repainting them and applying the necessary markings.

On Sept. 19, they were placed on their pedestals at the new site next to our association building, where we hope they will remain for a long time.

You will find pertinent photographs in image gallery #3.
Video #31 on the video page shows a 15-minute film of the remounting, video #32 displays a sequence of aerial photography of the association area and the exhibition building filmed by Claus Lachman with his drone.

Barbeque 2015

More than 100 guests were there to be welcomed to our annual barbecue. Even though low-pressure system Zeljko was predicted to hit the area with heavy rain and strong winds we were spared for the greater part of the day. During the crucial phase of the barbecue it remained dry so that queuing-up for food took place under clear skies.

TG on Tour to Dresden

30 members of the Traditionsgemeinschaft took part in this year\`s TG on Tour to Dresden that included a sightseeing tour, visits to Our Lady\` s Church (Frauenkirche), the Army\`s Officer Training College, the Königstein Fortress and the Museum of Military History. Participants enjoyed themselves in what was mainly good weather.
You will find a number of photos of the trip in image gallery #5.

Alpha Jet-Cockpit aquired for restauration

After lengthy negotiations with VEBEG we have succeeded in acquiring the front section of an Alpha Jet. Plans are to completely reassemble the front cockpit. Special thanks goes to the Portuguese Air Force that supplied all missing gauges and controls totally without any red tape and free of charge.
Image gallery #10 shows a number of photographs.

Viewing the shipyard of Abeking & Rasmussen

More than 30 members of the Traditionsgemeinschaft spent some interesting time viewing the shipyard of Abeking & Rasmussen at Lemwerder, specializing in the construction of high-priced yachts and special-purpose vessels.
Everybody found an 80-meter yacht docked at the quay preparing for launching particularly impressive. They were surprised to hear that boats of that type are allowed to carry but 12 (written out in full: twelve) passengers – with more than twelve persons the boat would be considered a passenger vessel for which special rules and regulations would apply, e.g. with regard to life boats and fire precautions.
If the owner of such a yacht wanted to have a party with more guests, that would only be permissible with the yacht moored at the quay; the vessel must not be under way.
You see – oligarchs and sheiks do not always have an easy time of it.

Tear down of buildings

The City of Oldenburg, as the owner of the air base following safety regulations, has authorized a construction company to tear down a number of buildings. The first building to be singled out for demolition was the house erected by the British in the grove just beyond the main guardhouse for commanding officers; it was popularly known as “Villa Wehnelt”, named after the first commander of former German Flight Training School 10. The western shanty camp and the Royal Air Force's former NAAFI building, also known to veterans as the red-light establishment “Landeklappe”, and non-commissioned and commissioned officers' residence building #48 have followed.
Our page image gallery 9 “Tear down of buildings” documents the demolition of buildings.

Returning home !

After an 18-year odyssey through Fürstenfeldbruck, Schleswig/Jagel and Jever, Alpha Jet 40+44, the “Gaudy Bird” of the Air Wing Jubilee in 1984, has returned home.
With conservation work done and having been given a new paint job at the Jever Air Force Maintenance Unit, it was taken to Oldenburg by a low-bed truck where it has been re-assembled by a dedicated team of members of the Traditionsgemeinschaft, headed by Hans Laufersweiler, the “grey one”, and given what is hoped to be its permanent place in front of our association and exhibition building.
Find more in image gallery 6.

» That is the shape of our old Oldenburg air base nowadays
Enjoy a short fly-by and klick the following link. hhttp://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL7TRqCxtNU&list=UUaRWqtsYMMwQ3d3iD7ssQIA&index=3&feature=plcp


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