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Fliegerhorst Oldenburg - Alexanderstraße


... to the website of Traditionsgemeinschaft JaboG 43 e. V. ( FBW 43 Commemorative Association ) German Air Force Oldenburg/Germany.
The association was foundet 1993 by former members and friends of Fighter Bomber Wing 43 ( FBW 43 ). They meet regularly in the rooms of the commemorative association at what used to be Oldenburg Air Base( Fliegerhorst Oldenburg ). .

You may visit us every Tuesday 09:30 a.m. till noon.

For visits at other times call 0049 160-6522171 or send an e-mail to

If interested, you are invited traveling through our website.

We wish you much pleasure!

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History of Fliegerhorst (Air Base ) Oldenburg ...

Fighter Bomber Wing 43 was decommissioned September 30, 1993 , the Air Base operating licence was revoked in 1994 .

Flying activities originated at the Rennplatz , then a racetrack, nowadays a housing area. A daring aviator took up his aircraft, called Grade , to 400 metres and managed to land savely, a feat no-one had expected.

Planning for a civil airport in Oldenburg was stopped by World War I, but in the summer of 1924 a flying-show at the Rennplatz again led to renewed aviation activities in Oldenburg.......

If interested regarding informations concerning current situation respectivly future plannings for the air base look up chapter \" News from Fliegerhorst \".



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There were several events in preparation for 2019.

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Beercall on Monday, august 26th, 2019 at 17:00 hrs.
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