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Fliegerhorst Oldenburg - AlexanderstraßeVereinsheim TG JaboG43 e.V.

Call for your assistance

We like to keep our homepage as interessesting as possible. and are requesting to assist and to supprt us in sending us an e-mail.

W eare requesting members of ouzr association, friends and visiters to send us interesting informations concerning us. Do you have images?



Historic documents?


We are looking forward for your assistance and cooperation.

PLAESE ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND THE COPYRIGHT and put attention that the texts and images can be used.!

On this way we can be reached:

Internetadresse: www.fliegerhorst-oldenburg.de

Emailadressen: info@fliegerhorst-oldenburg.de

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We would like to keep our homepage as much up-to-date as possible and therefore we request your support and your assistance. How you can help us you will find it

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News / Events

Events 2018

There are several events in preparation for 2018.
Highlights will be the activities in connection with the 25th annuversury of our association
»Next event:
Beercall on Monday, august 27th, 2018 at 17:00 hrs.
Further events will be found here: » here ...


Application form

If you want to become a member of our association, please ring us up or send an e-mail.

The application form can be found

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