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This site is meant to provide an up-to-date account of the situation at Oldenburg Air Base ( Fliegerhorst ).
The most recent entries can be found further down.

If you want to view the air base as seen in 2009, please turn to the following Nord-West Zeitung (NWZ) link (edition of August 5, 2009):

The air base has been decommissioned since 2003, meaning that it is no longer an air field in a legal sense.

The (former) air base stretches over an expanse of more than 300 hectares (app. 750 acres), split up among the municipalities of Oldenburg (app. 60 per cent), Wiefelstede and Bad Zwischenahn.
In 2006 the air base ceased to be military property; at that time it was transferred to the authority of the Federal Ministry of Finances. All buildings were disconnected from the water-supply systems, heating and water conduits were emptied, and the four heating installations were shut off. That is why the Traditionsgemeinschaft (Commemorative Association) had to install a completely new heating system in the former simulator building, their present \"home\", at their own cost.
The “landlord” of the Air Base is the Federal Agency of Real Estate (Bundesanstalt für Immobilien – BImA), which is under obligation to sell the area to the highest bidder in a European bidding competition. The City of Oldenburg has made its interest known but has also pointed out that an expertise concerning environmental damages is still pending. As far as we know there are three potential buyers presently in the running.

Apart from the Traditionsgemeinschaft, which enjoys an unlimited lease on the former simulator building, the BImA has currently concluded limited leases with a number of users. They include private individuals on the one hand, who have rented single rooms or complete buildings, and commercial companies on the other, which use complete hangars as warehouses, e.g.
There is even a shepherd who keeps six flocks of sheep of various races in the former flight area.
In addition, the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony (Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen) uses one of the newer buildings in the western part of the personnel quarter section.
In July 2007 the City Council of Oldenburg passed a framework ordinance for the air base that laid down the rules for the development of the area. There was agreement with the BImA that the air base was not to be parcelled out to buyers but should be sold in one piece. The City made it clear again that it meant to use its planning authority at all events.
( NWZ Artikel vom 10.07.2007)

Anfang 2008 ließ überraschenderweise die BIMA verlautbaren, dass sie den Verkauf des Fliegerhorstes nur in enger Verzahnung mit der weiteren Verwendung der ebenfalls zum Verkauf anstehenden Donnerschwee-Kaserne sieht. Man wolle gemeinsam mit der Stadt eine Marktanalyse in Auftrag geben um herauszufinden, was genau in der Stadt gebraucht wird. But – there is said to be a contamination problem in the personnel quarter section of the air base. According to earlier press releases there is so much ammunition suspected in that area that in case of future building activity wide-spread munition clearance would be necessary presumably causing extra high cost. That is why it allegedly cannot be ruled out that the property will turn out to be unmarketable.

Account as of Nov. 12, 2009

Most recent information has it that the pieces of ammunition mentioned above are the remnants of a former munitions depot of the old Wehrmacht air field, hit during an air raid and blown up in the process. The explosion must have spread small pieces of ammunition and small-caliber shells over the area; these days they can be found a few centimeters under the surface. Cf. (NWZ Artikel vom 25.11.2009) Account of Aug. 14, 2010

Sachstand 14.08.2010

First demolition measure at the air base.

With strong support from THW (Technical Assistance Association), the demolition of building #99, a partly collapsed wooden shanty right across from the building of our Traditionsgemeinschaft, has begun. The building had been dismantled by German workers in Rendsburg in 1953 on orders of the Royal Air Force, shipped to Oldenburg, reconstructed at the Air Base and was originally used as the Air Base Chapel.
In recent years the building was vacant. ( NWZ Artikel vom 17.08.2010)

Account of Sept. 11, 2010

The extensive rebuilding of hangar #10, turning it into a theater with all the facilities necessary, has been completed.
(The condition of the Grand Theater of the Oldenburg Stage Company was such that a basic renovation was due.) Actors, dancers and the orchestra have held their rehearsals at the air base for quite a while, hangar #10 has now been remodeled into a theater with a large stage, orchestra pit and and tiers for an audience of 800.
The opener of the 2010-11 season was Bertolt Brecht's Three Penny Opera on September 11. All in all, nine premiere performances and six symphonic concerts are in the planning. ( NWZ Artikel vom 19.02.2010)
( Spielzeitung Staatstheater)
At our image gallery page you will find an entry Bildergalerie (Umbau Halle 10, von der Werft zum Theatersaal)" Bildergalerie 2 (Umbau Halle 10, von der Werft zum Theatersaal)" with a series of images of the progress of remodeling activities.

Account of Nov. 11, 2010

The Municipality of Wiefelstede is planning the installation of a solar system on the section of the air base within its boundary. Read the corresponding article from NWZ as of Nov11,2010. ( NWZ Artikel vom 11.11.2010)

Account of Feb. 26, 2011

Now the City of Oldenburg has come awake and wants to instal a solar system on the Oldenburg section of the air base.. Lesen Sie hierzu auszugsweise einen Artikel des "Huntereport" vom 06.02.2011. ( Huntereport Artikel vom 06.02.2011)

Sachstand 28.06.2011.

The western section (i.e. the Wiefelstede section) of the air base has been sold to an investor from southern Germany; the construction of the solar park mentioned above is well under way by now. At our page Bildergalerie 2 you can take a look at the progress of construction.

account of early July 2011.

The City of Oldenburg has purchased a section of the air base of approximately 40 hectares (the eastern section of the flight area including the OSCAR shelter area) with the Elizabeth Area at its end. A part of this section is to be leased to a solar park operator.

account of early October 2011.

Since the beginning of October, the work on the construction of a second solar park in the Oldenburg section of the air base is under way. It won't take long for the runway to have completely disappeared under solar modules.

account of Oct. 28, 2011.

In the record time of just four months the largest solar park in Lower Saxony has been completed. In a 65-hectare area 190,000 solar modules are to produce about 20 megawatts of electrical energy. On 10-28-2011, David McAllister, Minister President of Lower Saxony, officially opened the solar park.

account of Jan. 9, 2012.

The construction of the solar park in the Oldenburg section has almost been completed. Nothing but a small part of the runway is still accessible and open for motor vehicles. The completion of electrical installations is still pending..

account of April 15, 2012.

It only took a few finishing touches in March to reopen the old passage between Ofen and Metjendorf after its suspension almost sixty years ago. On Sunday (April 15) the Ole Karkpadd (= Old Church Path) was opened by the mayors of Ofen and Metjendorf and handed over to public use.

account of Oct. 13, 2012.

The City of Oldenburg intends to use both the inside and the outside area of former aircraft shelter #13 as a sports recreation center in its project “Shelter 13”. The emphasis is not on the creation of a playing field but on an area for mobility and sports. The sections adjacent to the recreation area are meant to be declared a nature reserve. The idea of turning the former ring road of the air base into a circuit for runners and inline skaters is also under examination as is a link to the Ole Karkpadd.

account of Jan. 17, 2013.

The first buildings of the more recent type are being torn down.
Not so long ago, workers have started to demolish the former squadron quarters of the 1st squadron (“Foxes”), which is situated on the territory of the City of Oldenburg. In the course of the same measure both the adjacent building of the 1st Maintainance Platoon and the SSF squadron shelter as well as the older underground shelter BW 50 are to be torn down.

account of Jan. 1, 2014.

As of January 1, 2014 the City of Oldenburg owns all areas of the air base within the Oldenburg city limits. Ownership will officially be taken over on January 6, 2014.
Lesen Sie auch den entsprechenden NWZ-Artikel.
NWZ Artikel vom 21.12.2013)

account of Jan. 23, 2014.

Arbeiter von städt. Gartenbauamt
bei der Baumpflege vor Block 40

Things are rapidly getting under way.
The City of Oldenburg intends to honor its public safety obligations: After more than 800 trees on the grounds of the air base have been inspected by two young ladies (dendrological experts) and a tree register has been completed, a tree conservation team commissioned by the City has started to cut off dangerous branches and, where necessary, cut down diseased trees.

account of September 2014.

The City of Oldenburg, as the owner of the air base following safety regulations, had some buildings torn down. They include the private quarters of former commanding officers (“Villa Wehnelt”), in the days of the former air wing also used by the editorial staff of MOIN, the wing gazette, non-commissioned and commissioned officers' residence building #48, the shanty camp with its western cafeteria and the Royal Air Force's former NAAFI building, known to veterans as the red-light establishment “Landeklappe”.
Our page Bildergalerie 9 “Tear down of buldings” shows a series of pictures concerning the demolition of buildings.

account of Oct. 18, 2014.

We have been asked by the City of Oldenburg to take over the sponsorship for two aircraft, a Fiat G-91 and an F-86 Sabre, mounted on concrete pedestals because the planes cannot permanently remain in their present position.
That is why with the aid of THW (Technical Assistance Association) a great effort was made to remove the aircraft from their pedestals, put them on heavy-duty trucks and transport them to hangar #1 where they are to be preserved as far as possible by members of our Tuesday team and given a new paint job.
Eventually the aircraft are to be remounted on new pedestals next to our association building.
On our page Bildergalerie 3 “Sockel-Flugzeuge” you will find a series of photos of the dismounting activities.

account of Nov. 15, 2014.

The two buildings that served as both the official and the residential premises of former 3./FlaRak 24 unit are presently being remodeled. Due to sharply increasing numbers of refugees and asylum seekers the City of Oldenburg intends to use the buildings for the accommodation of refugees.
The first persons are expected to move in early next year..br />

account of Dec. 5, 2014.

To make sure that asylum seekers and refugees moving in shortly will be able to use the sports ground without risk, things are being turned upside down at the moment in search of duds. That is where we used to do our sports without giving a thought to the danger of our activities. And there wasn't any danger …

account of April 17, 2015.

On April 17, 2015 the citizens' participation project was started with a bicycle circuit around the air base, led by Mayor Jürgen Krogmann, who was joined by more than 700 people from Oldenburg.
Prior to the cycling event, an exhibit was opened at the former guard house to give those interested a chance to find out about the air base.
During a four-day so-called “City Workshop Air Base” citizens picked at random, young people and representatives of selected clubs and organizations made proposals for the future use and structure of the air base. Those proposals are meant to be included in the concept of a master plan. Two members of our Traditionsgemeinschaft took part in the activities and strongly advocated that the association's building with its exhibit and the old officers' mess be retained. Lesen Sie hierzu den Aktikel aus der NWZ vom 22.04.2015
( Quelle Nordwest-Zeitung Oldenburg)

account of november, 9 2015

After extensive restoration and paint work it was possible to place our two “aircraft-on-a-pedestal” planes (an F-86 Sabre and a Fiat G-91) on their new pedestals right next to our association building.
Our internet page Bildergalerie 3 und Video 31 will give you an idea of what it looks like.

account of november, 9 2015

Due to the continuing allocation of refugees the city administration of Oldenburg plans to convert accommodation buildings #174 and #175, adjacent to what used to be the medical service area, to the purpose of refugee accommodation. In the same context, the demolition of another group of buildings has begun. They are the former non-commissioned officers' mess building, the building of the air base staff and former officers' residence building #55 next to the officers' mess building. Photographs can be found in image gallery #9.

account of november, 10 2015account of november, 9 2015

As citizens are to involved in the further development of the former air base, a so-called innovation camp was held in the former officers' mess building. Three possible models for developing the former air base into a new city quarter were presented. Present planning would like to preserve some existing structures (staff building #40, accomodation buildings, mess buildings) if structural conditions allow. In the same context it was made known that the old dilapidated cinema has been listed as a protected structure since 2009 and will be preserved under all circumstances.

account of february, 3rd 2016

Starting about two months ago, the soil in the area of the former medical unit and of the more recent buildings #174 and #175 has been deeply excavated and sifted through to recover and defuse suspected ordnance from World War II. The measure has become necessary because the aforementioned buildings plus the surrounding grounds are meant to be developed into accommodations for refugees and, at a later point, the area is to be sold. That is why it has be free of explosives.

Account of june, 2nd 2016

In the course of search for ordnance and demolition of the basement areas of buildings destroyed in World War II, a 500-lb bomb was discovered. Its position behind block #40 had remained undisclosed until now despite comprehensive ground survey and aerial photo analysis. For weeks the basements have been excavated, the soil has been sifted through with the aid of large shaking grates and transported to a temporary disposal site in front of the former noise protection building. Contrary to all expectations, the British had not discovered and eliminated all of their explosive remains when they rebuilt the air base in 1952.
Photos can be viewed in our image galery # 9 "demolition of buildings".

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