Contact Traditionsgemeinschaft JaboG 43 e.V.

JaboG 43 e.V.
Alexanderstraße 461
D-26127 Oldenburg
Phone 0049 441 – 20 95 533

Email: info@fliegerhorst-oldenburg.de
Internet: www.fliegerhorst-oldenburg.de

We’re at the Fliegerhorst every Tuesday from 09.30 to 12.00; you can visit us during this time without making an appointment. Follow the course of the street – do not enter the neighborhood under construction. On the left you will find a big building with OLDENBURG AIRBASE on its front. That is where you will find us.


Helmut Friz
Phone: 0049441 – 9333255
Mobil: 0049160 – 6522171
Mail: helmut.friz@ewetel.net

Rudolf Sender
Dep. Chairman
Phone: 0049441 – 62683
Mail: sender@ewetel.net


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News / Events

Next event:
Beercall on Monday, 25th october  at 17.00 hrs.

Wreath-Laying Ceremony on Sunday, 14th november at 10:00 hrs at Kleiner Bürgerbusch.

Further events will be found here


If you want to become a member of our association, please ring us up or send an e-mail. The application form can be found


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